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Compiled Emails and Feedback from our supporters


Thanks for putting together the events that you do. Life was pretty dull for my husband and me before I came across you. We thought there was nothing to do in Tampa Bay Area for adults. From Barbara Kuhn




Pon Di Replay was a great event hosted by Tash Johnson & Co.. Great music, beautiful atmosphere, fun people to hang with. From: Lacey Smith, CEO of The Fashion Movement




I had the pleasure of attending my first Tash Johnson & Co. event on Saturday evening, the Pon di Replay cruise. Tash was a gracious host, taking great care of all of her passengers. The raffle was fun and creative!! Everyone seemed to have a great time whether they were gambling, dancing, or enjoying each others company. I look forward to seeing what else she has in store.   From Victoria Boyoko, CEO of Viktoria Richards Chocolates




Congrats Tash Johnson! Jazz in July was one of the best Jazz shows I've ever been to. Bravo! DJ Darmian showed out in grand style as always. You're cementing a reputation as a charismatic event producer with ability to give the people what they want...a great time for good value with other positive like-minded professionals in a safe, upscale & comfortable environment. From Keto Hodges, CEO of Keto's List




Ive always wanted to go Horseback Riding. Tash Johnson & Co has made that a dream come true! Learned how to ride, ate great food and was able to participate in so many fun and great activities! From Abel Athedior




Tash is AWESOME!! She is a sweetheart, she cares about her guests and genuinely wants everyone to have a good time!! Can't wait until the next time:D . From Ivy





Thank you so much Tash Johnson! Your Halloween Event was tops! I see you hold nothing back when planning events. Cant wait until the next! From Nick





Outdoors and Mentor was such a great time! Got to meet two great girls and I loved being a mentor. Thanks Tash Johnson & Co. From Roza Sargsyan




We had a great time on the "Pon Di Replay" cruise! It was nice to try something new and visit a new beautiful place. Thanks Tash! Keep the events rolling and we will keep coming! Great job!  From, Skye & Jeff Roberts




Thank you Tash! I had a great time at the Hidden Paradise event. You have an awesome personality and it was wonderful meeting you.I look forward to seeing you again at your next event on Halloween - Mrs.Cia



Big shout out and thank you to Tash Johnson & Co for putting together some great events in the Tampa bay area. I have attended several , the most recent being the Halloween Bash- Downtown After Dark. Giving everyone options to move around to 3 different venues downtown in heart of Tampa. Each location was filled with good music and grown folks.When Tash caught wind it was my birthday , she personally went out of her way to make sure me and my crew were taking care of and enjoying our time. Looking forward to the next event.




Great job Tash! You are off the charts! Your focus and your detail is unmatched by anyone that I know. You have real talent for this. I am so amazed and proud of you girl.

Andrew Ashmeade, Owner of Jerk Hut