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Reading is fundamental!


In an effort improving the reading skills of children throughout the Bay area, Tash takes time out to share in story telling time at elementary schools.


Via her professional mixers, she also collects books for kids, and works with numerous bookstore owners, including Inkwood Bookstore  Owner, Stephanie Beddingfield to assist in making more youthful and exciting books accessible to young readers worldwide.


In July 2016, Tash Johnson & Co. via R.I.S.E. will be hosting a "Tour and Mentor Jamaica", a unique event that will allow attendees to cross borders and experience the beauty and excitement of Jamaica while also facilitating an opportunity to give back to the island.


Date: July 14-17, 2016

Interested participants, contact us at events@tashjohnson.com

Outdoors & Mentor

with Tash Johnson & Co.

Outdoors and Mentor is one our mentorship day that provides young individuals the opportunity to explore the outdoor world and bond with professionals as mentors in their field of interest.



Among the organizations we have been able to give back through Ourdoors and Mentors is Miracles Outreach, a non-profit that works to restore our community by empowering program participants and/or residents to become self-sufficient – economically, emotionally and spiritually.


The organization provides safe, secure, nurturing environments for the educational development of at-risk youth, reducing the risk factors that lead to juvenile delinquency (Miraclesoutreach.org, 2008).


To get involved with Miracles Oureach, please visit www.miraclesoutreach.com.


Read and RISE

with Tash Johnson & Co.


Resisting Indifference: Supporting Each other

Education is a pertinent tool to success, however, the cost of education can be a hinderance to many achieving that level of success they desire in life.


While aboard the Escapades ship at our "June Cruise:Pon The Replay" event on June 15th, 2013, members not only came out to have a great time with other local professionals but they also supported a greater cause-giving back to society.


Tash Johnson & Co. was able to raise a total of $206 US dollars for Merl Grove High School after raffling off fantastic prizes to members for $1 raffle tickets.

Some of the prizes included:

1hr horseback riding session at Gus Trent Ranch

1 box of handmade artisian European chocolate from Viktoria Richards

$100 worth of detox body wrap system from Skinny South Florida

1 free ticket to "Jazz in July 2013"


While the winners of these fabulous prizes were extremely grateful, the school administration upon receiving the donation was even more grateful. Presented to the school on June 29th, the school officials agreed to utilize the funds to go towards assisting the members of the school's quiz team in affording their lunch and transportation for training.


We are pleased to say that with the help of our members and other contributing parties, the team not only completed quiz training but have had a successful start in the competition, winning their first official match.


Congratulations Merl Grove!!!

Contribution also being accepted at: projects@merlgrovehighpsany.org

Bright Sparks

HELP Jamaica! Education Center in Cassava Piece" is a non-profit organization located in Kingston, Jamaica that serves to aid inner-city children with essential resources to enhance their literacy. Some these include school supplies, access to computers, library workshops, as well as free tutoring sessions and homework assistance.


Founder of Tash Johnson &Co., Tashima Johnson had unique opportunity to visit one of the locations for HELP Jamaica to entertain the kids to a fun, educational, and interactive evening of much laughter and of course,learning.


Jamaica, as many are aware is the home to incredbile world record holders, but if it weren't for the encouragement of people like yourselves that pushed them from a tender age to try, then many of these accomplishments in music, art, sport, academia, and dance may not have been achieved.   HELP Jamaica! Education Center  is working very hard at helping these children to realize that dream. With your help, they can do more!


H.E.L.P. Jamaica

with Tash Johnson & Co.

“I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to others, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again- Ettiene De Grellet.”


The Founder of Tash Johnson & Co, Tashima Johnson is an avid community advocate. Her passion is in seeing people happy and by no means is this limited to putting on festive events.


She loves interacting with youths one-on-one, in groups, and serving as a mentor to positively impact the city of Tampa as well as the Caribbean, her heritage.


In 2009, herself and a group of colleagues started a give back initiative called "RISE: Resisting Indifference, Supporting Each Other". Today, she continues to do so helping to see others rise!


Check out some of the ways we are involved in the community:

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